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__Sat Feb 16th__ Heaven’s Gateway Drugs, Apache Dropout, Purple 7, Southwork

apache-dropoutSaturday February 16th, 2013
Chain Smoking Records Presents:
Heaven’s Gateway Drugs
Apache Dropout (Bloomington, IN)
The Purple 7


About Apache Dropout:

Apache Dropout is a full on lysergic boogie trio from Southern Indiana who’ve self-released a handful of recordings while touring the sub-U.S. during the past couple years. Finally, their debut LP is here to catch you up with their three-minute-&-less anthems crafted of ‘60s
epoch fuzz. With just guitar/bass/drums they channel soul melodies, primitive rock thump and blasted solos that are soaked in the dimethyl-trip of teenage visions (see songs “Sam Phillips Rising” and “God Bless You Johan Kugelberg” for that) and a few whifs of Tuli Kupferberg. Singer Sonny Alexander is the enigmatic howler /vocalist whose guitar swagger and melted riffs lead the way.
Recorded by the band at their own Magnetic South Studio on all analogue equipment, they’ve used the studio-as-instrument to push these 11 songs into highly textured nuggets of punk art that follow in the wave of The 13th Floor Elevators, The Velvets, and Patti Smith Group. We’ve got no doubt, this is going to floor all ears in 2011.
Album art and horn arrangements come by way of John Terrill (co-founder of the late ’70s new/no wave Dancing Cigarettes) with engineering by Puppy Vs. Dyslexia knob-twiddler John Dawson and final audio polishing by engineer Paul “Z” Mahern, vocalist of the legendary Zero Boys.


About The Purple 7:

The Purple 7 is a band that features Will from DEFIANCE, OH/LANDLORD, Chris Mott from LANDLORD, and Patrick Jennings from the HOT NEW MEXICANS. Conceived in Chris’s attic and Will’s basement at MAGNETIC SOUTH on several experimental 4 track sessions while on leave from Landlord, the band has taken on new dimensions since Patrick arrived in town and set up shop in a suburban style studio on the south side of Bloomington. We were destined, it seems, to be in a band together. Our first 5 song record (one sided 12″ 45 rpm on marbled purple & black vinyl with an engraving on the back) will be available from Let’s Pretend records (www.letspretendrecords.com) on October 4th and to celebrate we are setting out on our debutante midwestern tour. See the list of shows in the “Family” section of this website. If you’re curious and need to know more, please visit our tumblr (www.thepurpleseven.tumblr.com) or check out our bandcamp (www.basementpop,bandcamp.com) and if you live in the midwest, come out and say hello.